MN Dog Training

Dog Training Overview

All dogs are trained on Ecollars while they are here. These are fantastic tools that allow us to communicate safely from a distance with our dogs. Ecollars are a great tool for building confidence in our nervous or aggressive dogs. They also help create a safe off leash recall in high distraction areas. There is nothing better than to be able to give our dogs the freedom of off leash with being able to do it safely. The cost of training includes the Ecollar that your dog will be trained on and go home with!

During your dogs training stay you will be updated with pictures and videos of their progress. The program comes with a private lesson for the whole family when you pick them up, as well as a free follow up session within 30 days of your dog returning home!

Private Lessons
  • Private lessons are done here in our facility for $150 for the hour. Lessons may be done in your home depending on the circumstance. A mileage fee will apply for in home lessons.
Day Training $250
  • Day training is where you drop your dog off for the day during the week as you would for daycare. You will have talked to a trainer ahead of time or at the time of drop off to go over concerns and what you would like the trainer to work on with your dog. They will spend the day with the trainer doing multiple training sessions working on what you asked for. This may include learning new commands, correcting naughty behaviors, working around distractions in the facility or out and about on field trips, etc! The day is completely catered to your liking! Your dog will also enjoy playtime in daycare, whether that be with other dogs or a staff member depending on their social level! Then you will set up a 30 min go home lesson at pick up to go over their day, what they learned, and their progress! Training tools may be used during their day training but the price of day training does not include training tools to go home with them. So your trainer may suggest purchasing something that will help you and your dog succeed together in the world of training! This is also a fantastic service so a trainer can simply evaluate your dog in many different circumstances and environments to see what the next step in training, socializing, and confidence building should be!
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  • Dogs must be up to date on rabies, distemper, and bordetella vaccines.
  • All dogs must also be up to date on a flea/tick preventative!
  • Your dog must be wearing a buckle/snap collar
  • In house food is available for $6.00 per day
What To Bring For Board & Train Dogs
  • You may bring a small blanket. We provide cots
  • Bring enough food for their stay, plus some extra
  • Fundamentals Program (3wk) $3,600
    This program is for dogs who are confident and friendly towards all other dogs, cats, and humans!
    • Crate Training
    • Come
    • Sit
    • Down
    • Stay
    • Out- leaving a room or your space on command
    • Leave it
    • Waiting nicely at doors, for their food, entering and exiting a vehicle, traveling nicely, etc..
    • Heal into position- on left hand side
    • Heal on a leash- on left hand side
    • Place- laying on a dog bed or specific area on command. A designated spot to settle down until released.
    • Field trips- extra socialization and listening around bigger distractions
    • No jumping, counter surfing, play mouthing, barking etc
    • Dogs will be proofed around distractions inside the home, outside off a leash, and in public places.
    • Dogs will learn correct social skills/play with people and others dogs.
    Premier’s all Inclusive program (4wk) $4,800
    This is premier K9’s gold standard program. Dogs learn all of the commands and behaviors as the fundamentals program as well as behavior modifications. They learn these additional commands as well.
    • Over- laying on side for nail trims, exam
    • Allow nail trims, grooming, ear cleaning, baths, vet exams etc
    • Extra field trips, focusing on perfecting all commands and behaviors around high traffic areas and big distractions.
      The program also includes moderate behavioral modification if needed.
    • Minor human aggression
    • Minor animal aggression
    • Lack of confidence, generalized or specifically triggered fear
    • Resource guarding
    Premier’s all Inclusive program (5wk) $6,000
    Our 5wk Xtreme behavioral program includes all training and commands that are taught in the 4wk Premier Program. This behavioral program is specifically designed for dogs that struggle with significant overall anxiety and lack of confidence causing them to struggle on a daily basis. This also includes dogs that are aggressive towards humans or animals and are considered a bite risk. This program also includes extensive work outside of the facility in new environments and "mock" vet exams if your dogs need work with vet visits!
    (Note: Your dog may have to be evaluated before signing up for this program)
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